Airlock Kits Now Available Online!

May 5, 2003

by Blaine Green

The Monolithic Airlock Frame Kit comes ready to assemble and includes:

4 metal side frames/corner braces
3 main frames for interior framing (ready to assemble)
2 door handles
2 adjustable tension door springs
1 box each of 100 piece nuts, bolts & washers
4 Heavy Duty Hinges

Using the Monolithic Airlock Kit saves measuring and welding time and provides convenience to the dome builder because the frame is pre-welded and the holes pre-drilled. The kit does not include lumber, but six sheets of standard 3/4" plywood is recommended for assembly.

Shipped by Common Carrier. Just $495.00!!

Airlock Assembly Instructions

The sides of the Airlock consists of one and a half sheets of plywood. Use three sheets for the sides (One full sheet and one split full-length). Bolt to framing.

The first frames goes in one end, the next one is placed 5 feet from the first and the third one goes in the other end.

Place one door on the first frame and the next door on the frame that is 5 foot in. Be sure both doors are set to swing in. Next, cut wood to fit the top and bottom and bolt in place. Next, there are four pieces of angle eight foot long. They are to be bolted on the outside corners of the length of the airlock. Next, cut doors to fit. Hang doors. Adjust tension on hinges.

Center and cut a twelve-inch square in each door starting two foot from the bottom. Hinge them at the top and put a stop at the bottom. These flaps allow air pressure to remain steady as doors are opened one at a time. They also provide a convenient way to send rebar or hoses into the dome.

After assembly of the Airlock, attach and inflate Airform.

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