Equipment Designed for Dome Builders

April 15, 2003

by David B. South

David B. South
David B. South,
President of the Monolithic Dome Institute

Many attendees of the Monolithic Dome Conference 2003 expressed enthusiasm for the versatility of the equipment manufactured by Monolithic. Our specialized equipment is designed to solve problems encountered by builders during dome construction.

The equipment we develop has many more uses than just building domes. For instance, the Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer is not just a great shotcrete mixer. It is perfect for mixing soils, brick-layers' mortar, fence post fill and many other yet-to-be identified uses.

The Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer has three advantages over other mixer attachments built for skid steers. Sand or gravel does not need to be hand shoveled as with most other mixers -- saving huge amounts of time and labor. Secondly, the Monolithic Portable Concrete Mixer travels easily. For example, the sand pile can be in one location; the cement in another; and the discharge point somewhere else. In addition, it is extremely fast -- It can easily mix two to three cubic yards of concrete or mortar per hour.

Our concrete pumps are useful for building fences, pouring concrete in hard-to-get places, applying stucco and heavy mastic roof coatings, and many more applications.

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