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GHP 2000 featured in Concrete and Masonry Construction Products Magazine

Concrete Products Magazine

The GHP 2000 Monolithic Concrete Pump was the focus of a feature in the January/February 2007 issue of Concrete and Masonry Construction Products, which has a circulation of more than 35,000. The magazine touted several advantages of the pump in its equipment overview.


Monolithic Dome Super-Efficient Heavy Equipment Shop

The Monolithic Dome makes a super-efficient and functional steel fabrication facility or heavy equipment shop. One reason is because the Dome is ideally suited for a polar crane. What is a polar crane? A polar crane has one end that swivels in the middle and the other end which rotates around the perimeter. Inside a Monolithic Dome, a polar crane never gets trapped. You can always maneuver it to the left or right.

Monolithic Equipment Unveils New and Improved Monolithic GHP 1500 Direct Drive Concrete Pump

This lightweight concrete pump which weighs only 800, is run by a
highly-reliable Honda power pack. It's a sturdy workhorse made better
with the added improvement of a direct drive to the carousel. The Direct Drive can pump up to 3 cubic yards per hour yet weighs less than 800 pounds and is small enough to fit in the bed of a pickup truck. Its 1.5-inch hoses are light enough to be easily handled with lengths of 25 to 50 feet. With a five-gallon fuel capacity, the pump can run eight or more hours without refueling.

The Ultimate Monolithic Domebuilder's Trailer

We have tried so many different trailers, we've lost count. Finally, after a years of research and development, we've settled on a line of trailers we believe to be the very best value. These are the most heavy duty trailers for the least amount of money available.

Airlock Frame Kits

Using the Monolithic Airlock Kit saves measuring and welding time and provides convenience to the dome builder because the frame is pre-welded and the holes pre-drilled. The kit does not include lumber, but six sheets of standard 3/4" plywood is recommended for assembly.

Blaine Green Turns Monolithic Ideas Into Reality

Blaine's association with Monolithic spans many years. He says, "David South and I have known each other for a long time. We were neighbors in Idaho. David lived on the south side of the south butte, I lived on the west side of the north butte, and we went to church together."

Monolithic Rotating Scaffold Base

When it comes to building a Monolithic Dome -- spraying foam, setting rebar, spraying concrete, cleaning up -- being able to easily and safely move in a circle, around the dome's inside perimeter is a real advantage.



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